About Us

Goals of Pinnacle Affiliates and the potential advantages to its Members:

Pinnacle Affiliates, LLC

is a dealer group with the mission of serving larger office products dealers, specifically through member collaboration, purchasing and marketing services that enhance our Members' competitiveness in the B2B/G marketplace.

Volume Purchasing

As an organization representing large dealers, Pinnacle Affiliates presents a unique opportunity for office products vendors and Pinnacle Affiliates through volume purchasing.

Vendor Collaboration

As Members of Pinnacle Affiliates, large dealers have an opportunity for vendor collaboration through data sharing, promotions and sales force access.


Peer Exchange

Large dealers have similar challenges and capabilities. There is a unique value to large dealers to associate with other large dealers to share experiences and strategies.

Low Cost

Pinnacle Affiliates strives to maintain the lowest cost dealer group model by only providing services that are common among large dealers and leveraging existing industry infrastructure for IT and administrative functions. The operating expenses of Pinnacle Affiliates are paid solely through an annual dues assessment. Vendor rebates, earned by each Member, are paid in full to that Member.


Pinnacle Affiliates values its Members and understands that financial and management accountability is fundamental to their Members' success. To facilitate the auditing of individual Member accounts, Members will be provided with all records concerning vendor rebates earned and associated payments. Additionally, Pinnacle Affiliates provides each Member with its annual, detailed financial statements.